AP delivers new batch of rabbitfish to Ngiwal

  11 May 2018

The Aquaculture Project (AP) under the Bureau of Marine Resources (BMR) on April 30 delivered 1,200 rabbitfish fries (Klsebuul) to the Ngermechau Klobak Association.

The delivery was witnessed by Director Leon Remengesau of BMR, AP experts Dino Hsieh and Jack Lin, and some traditional leaders of Ngiwal.

The size of this batch of rabbitfish is significantly larger than that of previous batches.

Larger fish fries have higher survival rate and also cut short the time before harvest.

It would normally take at least six months for them to reach the market size.

The outgoing AP expert Dino Hsieh and the new expert Jack Lin were both on site to conduct the delivery and offer consultation service to the Ngiwal aquaculture pioneers.

Taiwan AP Expert Dino Hsieh finished his contract term with AP on April 30.

During his work of more than five years in Palau, Hsieh did not not only help boosting Palau’s aquaculture industry with the propagation of marbled groupers (Temekai) and rabbitfish (Meyas, Klsebuul), but also bring profit opportunities to local aquaculture farms and farmers.

To thank him for the contribution, Minister Umiich Sengebau of MNRET and Director Leon Remengesau of BMR both awarded Hsieh with tokens of appreciation on a farewell party prepared by BMR staff on May 3, 2018.

The new Taiwan AP expert Jack Lin was dispatched by National Taiwan Ocean University under the Taiwan-Palau bilateral cooperation project.

Lin has extensive experience in the field of artificial spawning of broodstock and larviculture of edible fish and ornamental aquarium fish. Lin was the first researcher to successfully breed the Rock porgy or spotted knifejaw (Oplegnathus punctatus) which has premium value in Japanese and Taiwanese cuisines. His current priority is to continue the supply of rabbitfish fries to aquaculture farmers, and look for ways to expand it, as the demand for rabbitfish fries remains high.  In the future, AP will continue employing its expertise to promote Palau’s seafood production and food security while minimizing impact on the environment. (Taiwan Embassy PR)








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