Another feather to his cap

Another feather to his cap

  09 Feb 2018

By Rhealyn C. Pojas

One is never too old to learn, that is the mantra of a Palauan medical doctor who is now about to complete another milestone in his career.

Known to Palauans as the owner of the Pacific Family Medical Clinic and as Senator, Dr. Stevenson Kuartei is again adding another feather to his cap as he is set to complete his studies on Integrative Medicine at the Center for Investigative Medicine of the University of Arizona.   [restrict]

The course, which spans for two years, teaches medical practitioners a different approach to medicine as it takes into consideration all factors that influence health, wellness, and disease including mind, spirit, and community.

On January 28, Kuartei took the final exam and passed and on March 1 this year, he is set to travel to the United States to get his fellowship degree which is the Fellow of American Association for Physicians (FAAP).

“As a person, I don’t think I’ve ever stopped going to school,” Kuartei said, adding that he was about to take his master’s degree in Tokyo when the opportunity to avail of the fellowship program came.

“I’m not that young [already] but I keep pushing and expanding my horizons,” Kuartei said.

Although he had already acquired several other degrees related to medicine, Kuartei never allow his situation or age to hamper him from sharpening his knowledge.

Kuartei said that he first heard about the program from Dr. Andrew Weil, founder of the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine (UACIM).

Learning about the opportunity, Kuartei then took the online course while juggling with his other careers here in Palau. Taking the course was a main challenge for Kuartei, he confided, as he had to beat the slow internet connection which got in the way throughout the course of his studies. But it did not stop him from finishing this path he has taken.

Although most of the studies is done online, there were parts of the module that required Kuartei and the other students enrolled in the same online class to go to the University of Arizona’s campus for the practical exams.

According to Kuartei, he envisions to look into traditional medicines or herbs as means of healing and also for Palau doctors to learn and understand that there are other healing practices which are effective and could be used here for the benefit of the patients.

He added that he also intends to provide some lectures on integrative medical education in Palau.

“There’s a whole lot of things that we can do for Palau without really having to resort to strong medicines,” Kuartei said. [/restrict]


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