Annual PHS practicum program concludes

Annual PHS practicum program concludes

  15 May 2018

Koror, Palau — A three-month Practicum program between PPUC and Palau High School concluded with a luncheon hosted by PPUC’s Chief Executive Officer Kione J. Isechal and his staff at the Malakal Power Plant on Thursday, May 03, 2018.

A total of 11 senior students from PHS underwent the Practicum program under various departments of PPUC.

During the luncheon Isechal emphasized to the students the importance of continuing their education in both technical and human resources fields and that PPUC will need young, educated and enthusiastic Palauans to solve complex issues from now and well into the future, issues concerning energy, water and wastewater for Palau.

J-Ven Skilang, who spent his practicum with the Water-Wastewater Operations (WWO), mentioned that while at WWO he learned so much about meter installation and its basic functions. He also learned how to detect leak in the water piping system which is of utmost importance in our efforts to conserve water.

Caitlin Hideos, another student who spent her time at the Power Distribution Division (PDD) said that during her time with PDD, she enjoyed installing L.E.D. streetlights in areas that were not well-lit as well as the basic functions of power distribution.

Above all, she realized the importance of streetlights in our communities in which they provide safety for motorists and pedestrians, improves aesthetics as well as instill a sense of security for all.

The PPUC Board, Management, and entire Family congratulates the following students for successfully completing their Practicum: Caitlin K. Hideos- Power Distribution Division (PDD), La-Arnie Lucky – Accounting and Finance (A and F), Juri Mahor – Information Technology Department, Luke Pedro- Water-Wastewater Operations (WWO), Cleo Rechebong – PDD, Alana Salii- PDD, Anthea D. Sengebau-PDD, J-ven Skilang- WWO, Dudley D. Skilang- WWO, Ereang Takada- A&F, and Kyle Wasisang- PDD. (PR)



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