Mon. Sep 16th, 2019

Angaur state signs up to PVA’s “Alii Pass” program

The Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Angaur state government to formally start the “Alii Pass” program between PVA and Angaur.

The Alii Pass program, formerly known as the One Stop Shop program, aims to help develop attractions such as Angaur’s proposed Macaque Sanctuary and creating camp sites for tourists to enjoy Angaur’s unique natural environment.

“We want to create unique camp sites in Angaur where not only can tourists set up tent but actually enjoy ready built camps at Angaur’s scenic locations where they can experience Angaur’s unique serene environment,” PVA Board Chairman Ngiraibelas Tmetuchl said.

“Angaur has some of the most unique locations where camp sites can be built. We are excited about this project and will work with PVA to create the best camp sites Palau has to offer,” Governor Suzuky said.

The objective of the Alii Pass program is to drive tourism to Angaur by creating an avenue where the State Government and the community members can directly benefit from tourism.  Angaur is the fourth state to officially sign on to the Alii Pass program; the first three states were Airai State, Ngarchelog State, and Ngchesar State, respectively.

Angaur Governor, Kennosuke Suzuky signed the MOU with PVA Board Vice-Chairman Ngelechel Etpison.

Witnessing the signing were PVA Board member, Olkeriil Kazuo and Angaur Visitors Authority representative, Andrea Naivana. (PR)