Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

Angaur governor looks at options on how to dispose barge from Asia

Angaur flag

The empty barge that was found on the shore of the Protected Area Network (PAN) in Angaur has remained there as state authorities continue to look for ways on how to dispose of it.

Angaur Governor Kennosuke Suzuky said that he is mulling over several options on how to get rid of the vessel Asia Perdana, which was previously reported to have been swept away by a storm from Asia, especially that it has already caused great damage to the protected area.

Suzuky said that he has come up with three options on how to deal with the barge. First is to find out who are the owners of the barge and to ask them to remove the sea vessel and pay a fee.

The second option considered by the Governor is to find potential businesses in Palau who might be interested and willing to move the barge while the last resort would be to scrap the vessel and give it to the highest bidder.

All these options are still in discussion and he is still looking for the best option possible. While he is doing this he has to think about the weather and the rising tides because it may cause it to move or shift while its on shore and may cause more damages to the environment. (By Kerdeu Uong)