Tue. May 26th, 2020

Airai Bai tour with Vice President and tour operators

Another stamp of approval for the Bai ra Rengarairrai tour received from Vice President Raynold Arnold Oilouch, the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) officers, and various tour operators and community partners.

Also joining the tour with MOJ on January 31st were Airai State Governor Tmewang Rengulbai, Ilapsis Vincent Ito, Speaker Clinton Freese, and Airai State Legislators Ralph Kanai, David Orrukem, Ricky Rubario, Clarence Kitalong, O’dear Yobech, Stephanie Ngirchoimei, and Sherman Daniel. There representing Ngarchelong State Government were Dwayline Ngirailild and Mona Subediang. Palau Visitors Authority representatives were present including, PVA Chairman Ngiraibelas Tmetuchl accompanied with PVA management and staff. Lastly, also in support of this cultural tour is Ngiraked Yukiwo Dengokl.

Tour operators and community partners, whom participated the January 26th tour, were Palau Royal Resort, Gelato Shop, Palau Hotel, Impac Tours, Palau Travel Company, Palau Dive Adventures, Smile Air Inc., Palau Carolines Resort, Palau Pacific Resort, Hana Tour, Belau National Museum, Our Oceans 2020 office, and road runner.

What was witnessed during these two separate occasions is made to present a small window into authentic Palauan culture and traditions. A key element of this tour—and the One Stop Shop program as a whole, is the pronounced effort to practice, educate, and preserve our culture, presented not only to visitors, but locals as well.

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