Fri. Feb 21st, 2020

Aimeliik accident involved BMR director: BPS

A vehicle that was found damaged in an isolated location of Aimeliik State last month has been confirmed as the government vehicle assigned to the Director of Bureau of Marine Resource.

The police blotter had however failed to describe the fact that the vehicle was a government vehicle and the driver was a government official.

The Bureau of Public Safety released a statement about the incident this week confirming that the vehicle was a government property which was assigned to the Director Leon Remengesau of Bureau of Marine Resource.

According to the BPS, Remengesau was on his way to the State of the Republic’s address at Ngerulmud when he lost control of the car and ended up going off road into the jungle.

However, the BPS statement clarified that it was not intoxication that led to Remengesau losing control of the vehicle but Remengesau’s medical condition.

Although, the specifics of this medical condition that led to the accident has not been revealed in the official statement, there are reports of Remengesau suffering from seizures. (By Eshan Kalyanikar)