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93 historical permits issued

by April 3, 2018 Top Stories

Ninety-three (93) historical clearance permits were issued this 2nd quarter of 2018 by the Bureau of Cultural and Historical Preservation.

Historical clearance permit is one of those permits required for any earthmoving activity, whether residence, public infrastructure or major development project.  It is required permit to acquire before Environmental Quality Protection Board assess and approve earthmoving permits for any project. [restrict]

According to report released by the Ministry of Community & Cultural Affairs, out of the 93 historical permits, 46 were for residential projects, 15 were for commercial projects, 7 were for existing commercial projects, 5 were State projects, 2 were for removing of explosive remnants of war(ERW), 11 were for national capital improvement projects, 6 were for repatriation projects and 1 was for church project.

Of the 15 commercial projects, 1 was a resort project, 1 was a hotel project, 2 were for apartment projects, 1 was for villa, 2 for aquaculture, 1 for piggery, 2 for office space, 1 for batch plant, 1 for warehouse and 3 for barracks.

For the capital improvement projects (CIPs), 1 was for an electric system upgrade, 1 for road project, 4 for buildings construction, 2 for dump sites and 3 for renovations.

The six approved for repatriation include removal of human remains from the Second World War to be repatriated to their countries. (L.N. Reklai/Editor)

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