2017 PCC Internship student Program

2017 PCC Internship student Program

  18 Jul 2017

Palau Community College-Internship Program for over a decade and will continue working with the future of Palau in the hope that they will be successful in furthering their education and ultimately return home to join the workforce. [restrict]

The two (2) Students interned for approximately a month that began on June 5 with interviews, uniform sizing and 1 day of orientation. Internship was completed on July 14, 2017 with certificates of completion presented at the monthly Associate Meeting ‘Ngera Chised’.

Ms. Ellis worked in the Human Resource and Training & Development departments whilst Ms. Jamila chose to work in the Kitchen Department.

The program not only benefits students to explore Career options but also gives these young adults experience in an environment that emphasizes work ethics like punctuality, grooming, and team work. Palau Pacific Resort gained extra manpower to ensure our guests are looked after in all their needs and requests.


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