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1,600 rabbitfishes harvested at Aqua Pro Farm

1,600 rabbitfishes harvested at Aqua Pro Farm

by March 27, 2018 Top Stories

The Aqua Pro Farm in Malakal had harvested its first batch of 1,600 rabbitfishes on March 22.

Minister Umiich Sengebau of Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment and Tourism (MNRET), Peleliu Governor Temmy Shmull Sr. and Counselor Jason Huang of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Embassy were among the invited to witness the harvesting of rabbitfish. [restrict]

The Aqua Pro Farm released its first batch of 1800 rabbitfish fries on August 28 last year, with the help of Minister Sengebau, Counselor Huang, and Aquaculture Project (AP) expert Dino Hsieh.

The farm harvested around 1600 adult rabbitfish, at a high rate of 88%.  Encouraged by such a success, the owners of Aqua Pro have already set up two more hatchery pools and taken in additional 4,000 rabbitfish fries.

However, despite the high demand of rabbitfish fries, the production has been limited due to an on-going repair of AP’s hatchery center in Malakal. Owners of the Aqua Pro hoped to complete the repair work so that the hatchery center can recover its production to meet market demand.

The Rabbitfish reproduction under AP is conducted by Taiwanese aquaculture experts as one of the Taiwan-Palau bilateral cooperation projects to help improve Palau’s food security and self-sustainability.  Meanwhile, Taiwanese experts also operate Animal Production Project (APP) that focuses on livestock farming with the Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) providing technical assistance in agricultural production.  [/restrict]



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