Thu. Feb 20th, 2020

Easter Day event celebrated with families

Easter Day celebration in Palau has expanded to include not only celebration of the Resurrection but also the Easter bunny tradition.

This weekend, it was celebrated in many communities around Palau and the Easter egg hunts were organized around the island, providing opportunity for quality family activities.  One such event was organized by Meketii, Idid and Ikelau youth and softball team. The successful Easter Egg hunt event was for families from their hamlets.

Many individuals and groups helped sponsor the event and the children enjoyed a wonderful Easter Day.

Sponsors include Koror State Governor Franco Gibbons, Legislators Eledui and Vann Isaac, Toktang Akitaya, Milianis, Kiku Brell, Emmy Katosang, Lekong Luii, Marco Malsol, Wesley Ngirkelau, Kot Rodch Family, Stefano (Gelato), Tmong Udui, Kirk & Elilai, Joleen Ngoriakl, Olgeriil Yaoch, OTV and MOH Prevention Unit.

Easter Bunny tradition is said to be of German origin which was incorporated with idea of resurrection in Christian belief and eggs are said to represent new life. (photos credited to Jazzman Isaac)