Thu. May 28th, 2020

13 students to raise funds for JSA

A fundraising activity is to be launched by the 13 candidates of the Junior Statesman of America (JSA) 2018 from Palau to be able to collect money to help the other candidates, who are not on a full scholarship, raise funds for their tuition and airfare expenses.

Four of the students have availed full JSA scholarships but they are helping the nine other candidates who must each raise funds worth $7,000 for their tuition and airfare to Stanford or Princeton University this summer.

The four students who were afforded the full scholarships are Olilai Chilton and Blythe
Miguel from Mindszenty High School, Shuri Chibana from Palau High School and Merkii Urmakl-Meek at Xavier High School.

The other nine applicants who have been accepted to the program and are trying to raise funds are Charles and Charlynn Patris of Mindszenty, Kobe Ngirailemesang of Xavier, Ta-eene Mesa of Palau High School (PHS) and five students from Palau Mission Academy (PMA) namely Alfonso Diagro, Alianna Quintanilla, Dichem Tmetchl, Nobukui Yano and Secheriang Senior.

They are also planning to stage a Walk-a-thon on May 4. (PR)