Thu. May 28th, 2020

$107,245 granted to school for bus procurement

The Melekeok Elementary School in Palau is granted $107,245 under the Japan’s Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) which will be utilized in the procurement of school bus.

Japan Ambassador Toshiyuki Yamada and Melekeok Elementary School Principal Magaria Tellei had signed on March 16 the grant contract for the project at the Embassy of Japan. [restrict]

Ambassador Yamada emphasized during the signing ceremony the importance of maintenance so that the granted bus could be used for a long period of time, adding that he hopes that the implementation of the project would lead to further development of Melekeok Elementary School and its students.

 Majority of students commute to Melekeok Elementary School via school bus but due to shortage of buses, students are sometimes late to morning classes and also limiting students’ access to school activities outside the state.

Once the brand new 30-seater bus becomes available, it would help Melekeok Elementary School ensure safe and reliable transportation of students to school every day and during various activities outside the school.

 Japan launched GGP in 1999 to respond to various development needs engaged in grassroots activities in Palau.

As of March 16, 2018, the Japan Embassy has signed 71 grant contracts with schools and hospitals as well as state governments and non-profit organizations.

Education, health care and environment are the primary fields prioritized by Japan for GGP in order to contribute to sustainable development of Palau. [/restrict]