Thu. Sep 19th, 2019

0.5 ton of garbage collected at Meyuns Causeway

In commemoration and celebration of the Republic of Palau’s 24th Independence Day, the Office of the President led by the Our Ocean 2020 Secretariat in partnership with the Palau National Marine Sanctuary, the Division of Solid Waste

Management, Koror State Solid Waste Management, Environmental Quality Protection Board, Friends of the Palau National Marine Sanctuary and Planet Blue/Sam’s Tours successfully organised a collaborative land and coastal cleanup at the Meyuns Causeway on Friday, September 28 as part of the National Clean-Up Day Program and the Executive Branch’s Adopt-A-Road Program.

Through this public-private partnership, the collective groups focused attention in collecting as many trash around the land, shore and mangrove areas. To ensure the collection of micro-plastics, an innovative tool was created using a recycled electric fan cover found deep within the mangroves. This tool was used to scoop out these small pieces of plastics to prevent further damage to the ocean environment, the fish and other ocean wildlife from mistaking them for food. During the course of the clean-up, at least half a ton of garbage was collected ranging from plastic bottles, electric fans to footwear and plastic grocery bags.

The Office of the President extends its sincere gratitude to all the respective agencies and companies for their partnership and collaboration in ensuring the success of this program, as well as contributing efforts to the protection of our environment. (PR)